Le montant de nos honoraires, librement et clairement débattu avec nos clients, est fixé en fonction du travail effectué, du temps passé et de la difficulté du dossier.

Il est également adapté à la situation de chacun de nos clients et sur demande un devis prévisionnel peut être établi.

An initial payment is systematically requested when an account is opened.
Subsequent fees and costs are invoiced in an ongoing way as work, the case and/or proceedings progress. Our clients may request a billing history.

Billing schemes

We offer various billing schemes to meet the expectations and needs of our clients. These are based on the nature and technical degree of the service, and whether it is a one-time or regular service.

  • Hourly billing is applied for one-time consultation, legal engineering and auditing missions.
  • Flat fee billing is applied for standard litigation with no particular complexity

A monthly retainer fee is also offered to businesses in need of legal and tax-related advice for day-to-day management purposes.

  • Although French law prohibits billing based exclusively on conditional fees, an agreement may be signed which combines a flat fee and conditional fees.